Review of Software


Assessing A Digital Tool


The purpose of this resource is to provide a framework of reflective, guiding questions that educators might use to responsibly make informed decisions about technology-enabled resources that could be incorporated into their classrooms. In addition, reviews will be created and posted on some current digital tools which are available.

Reviews are provided by members of the Ontario Math Coordinators Association, an organization who advocates for and supports high quality research-affirmed math instruction.

This resource tool, and reviews provided, should be used to support collaborative decision-making, and users should ensure that all board policy around digital tools will take precedence.


Definition: Digital Resource   

A digital resource includes software, a website, and/or a tablet or phone application (app).

Guiding Question Yes No Rationale
Does this tool support effective math pedagogy as outlined in the Ontario Math Curriculum document ?      
Does this tool offer explicit connections to expectations in the Ontario Math Curriculum document?      
Is this tool appropriate for the age group for which it is intended? (For example, developmentally appropriate, free of stereotypes and biases?)      
In this tool, are students given an opportunity to develop knowledge, thinking skills, confidence and perseverance?      
Does this tool provide a variety of representations to support student understanding?      
Does this tool enable and support balanced assessment (for and as learning) by the teacher?