Review of Catch a Bouncing Ball: Operations (from

There are a few variations of the Catch a Bouncing Ball activity from the wonderful site and the Operations version is great for giving students an opportunity to practice their skills in adding, subtracting, multiplying and division.

After you choose which of the six types of problems you want to focus on (see above), you can then choose what magnitude of numbers you want to work with. For example, for addition and subtraction you can choose the following:

…and for multiplication and division, you can choose which facts to focus on (by clicking on individual facts or by the rows and columns):

Questions (written in a variety of forms) then appear as shown. Move the baseball glove to the correct position on the number line and then click on the baseball which will then bounce into the glove if correct:


If you are not correct, you are given a chance to move the glove to the correct position after the ball has bounced.

After all ten questions have been answered, players have the opportunity to review any of the answers which are shown in two ways on a number line:

There are a number of features that I like about this activity:

  • It is not a timed activity so students won’t feel unnecessarily rushed
  • Questions are written in a variety of forms, e.g. 12 + 23 = ? or 12 + ? = 35 or 35 = ? + 23
  • Students can visualise their answers by using the given number line

This is an activity which lends itself nicely to being used at a centre, or for individual practice either in school or at home.