Review of Desmos

Quite simply put, this is one app that every high school student must have access to and use frequently throughout their high school math career. It can be accessed at and is also available to be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

It is very user friendly and in no time at all, students will be able to quickly type in the equations of all types of graphs:

By clicking on the keyboard icon, a whole wealth of different functions that can be used are revealed:

Desmos also allows you to either create a table of values or even import some data from an Excel sheet:

You can even ask Desmos to use regression to draw a line (or curve) of best fit:

There is so much that Desmos can do and to learn more about these features, you can go to and select one of the following options:

The videos and tutorials contained herein will allow you to become an expert user in no time.

In addition, there is a whole wealth of activities that have been created by the Desmos community that can be used with the whole class. These can be found at 

Students can access these via a code given to them by their teacher who can then (through the teacher dashboard) see how each student is progressing with the task. It is a fantastic marriage of technology and pedagogy.