This is a lovely tool if you or your students want to quickly create some visual patterns. It can be run as a web application, downloaded from the site, or downloaded as an app from the App Store or Google Play. As such it will work nicely on iPads or Chromebooks.


You have a choice of how many colours and what shapes to use: I prefer to keep things simple and use the ‘Few’ option. I find the menu very intuitive to use as it allows me to copy and paste quickly, either by clicking or by dragging over a selection of tiles. I can also save time by inserting multiple tiles. Text and other annotations can be added using the Open Annotation option (the small pencil at the top of the screen). To see this in action, click on these links: Colour Tiles 1 Colour Tiles 2

As such, I can quickly create a variety of patterns which I can then ask students to find the next, near, far or any term according to their grade. I can use the colours carefully to give (or not give) visual clues as to how the pattern develops.




I can also ask students to create their own pattern which either conforms to a given rule or is one of their own creation. Best of all: I do not need to worry about not having enough tiles of the same colour or collecting them at the end of the lesson!