Review of NCTM Spinners


This app from NCTM is useful to help our Grade 3 and Grade 6 students develop their understanding of probability. It can be found at:

It will help them answer questions like these on EQAO:

Grade 3:

Grade 6

The app allows you to alter the number of sectors, the size of each sector, the number of spins, and the title for each sector:

The experimental results can be displayed in a table (as above) or a pie chart as shown below:

This allows students to compare experimental to theoretical probability. The maximum number of spins you can enter is 1000 but you can go beyond this simply by spinning a new set of 1000 again and again after the first set. The ‘Skip to End’ button is very useful here!

Two examples of how the NCTM Spinner can be used to illustrate some of the EQAO questions given earlier are shown below: