Review of SolveMe Who Am I? by EDC

This is another good set of web-based puzzles from SolveMe EDC and can be found at

There are 208 puzzles to solve in three different levels of difficulty: Explorer, Puzzler, and Master.

The Explorer puzzles begin with simple single digit puzzles:

Then they extend to two- and three-digit puzzles. In doing so, they will get students thinking carefully about various number properties including place value, digit sums, additive and multiplicative reasoning.

In the Puzzler puzzles, the clues begin to become more algebraic in nature:

And in the Master puzzles, the clues become even more algebraic and also decimal puzzles are introduced.

One feature that I really like is that students can build their own puzzles by using the ‘Build’ feature on the home page. This will really get the students thinking and is pretty much a self-differentiating activity.

There is also a wonderful Bingo game that students can play either individually or in a small group. Clues are given which can then be checked off on your bingo card:

Again, these clues are great in getting students to think carefully about a variety of number properties. However, if a wrong number is selected, then that counts as a strike against you (three strikes and you lose!):

You do get the opportunity to correct your mistake though:

And you win when you get any line of three:

You can change the size of the bingo card by clicking on the grid icon on the bottom toolbar: 

And from there, select the numbers involved and the size of grid:

Which will create your new bingo card:

This is an activity that can be used in all grades. It might best be used as a centre or by a teacher working with a small group of students. Alternatively, a teacher could select a suitable set of problems for the whole class to try and then get them to solve these by working in small groups.